EW: This is exactly what they voted for.


    A small number of Virginia Republicans, righteous, certain, and sure, gathered together in a very small room and–being completely isolated not just from ordinary Virginians, but from any semblance of fact, science, empathy or even common decency–nominated one of their own.  Someone bought and paid for by the likes of the Koch Brothers, whose ultimate goal is to completely deregulate all industry, so that they make all the profits, and the REST of us bear all the costs.

    Now, the TeaPots are completely out of control of the party, and Corporate America is actually starting to grasp, dimly, that if they tank the country, all of their stock, and bonds, and investments, are going to be worth precisely zero. They actually made out like bandits when Wall Street and the Banksters (almost all Republicans) tanked the country the last time around, while the rest of us lost our jobs, our pensions, our employability, our health care, and our futures.

    Now, the same just might happen to them, and while there is a delicious schaudenfraude in watching this thing proceed, Democrats (and decent people) are wondering about the extent we should let them “proceed.”

    I don’t think we can afford to compromise to stop them today, because they’ll interpret it as a win.  They’ll do the same thing again next week, next month, and next year.

    In their crazy “black is white, lies are truth” world, the zero sum one in which the model is “You lose, I win” or “I win, and you lose” but never “win win” and so far never “lose lose” this latter is about to happen.  To them.

    Not to the delusional loons who comprise the ignorant base:  to the money men.

    Money men do NOT like losing. I write “dimly” because some of them, including the Koch funded groups, still think they have some control.

    EW is a so-called “man of God” but I guarantee you, he isn’t my God.  He’s an avatar for the self righteous “god” of hate, delusion, and bigotry, devoid of even the facts that most 4th graders glean in a common school education.

    Now, the other Virginia Republicans–the majority which allowed this to happen, and cheered him on–are starting to realize where he and his TeaPots are leading.

    The big plan is…well, even they don’t know what the big plan is any more, except to continue in this delusional charge thinking that the President of the United States will give up his legacy project.

    They aren’t afraid it will fail:  they’re afraid it will succeed, and a major plank of what they claim to stand for will fall.  Just as in being forced to accept that homosexuals aren’t somehow unnatural, or birth control might be appropriate, or a woman’s health decisions ought to be her own, or….well, you get the idea, acceptance of this one fact means their entire belief system will be undermined, and up for grabs.

    When all you have to peddle is hate, or lies, you’ll peddle hate and lies.  

    Here’s a kitchen analogy that might help the Virginia GOP along:  If you’ve ever made chick broth, you already know that the scum rises to the top.  The appropriate action is NOT to just mix it back into the broth.  It is to SKIM it off and discard it.

    I suggest that the Virginia GOP do just that.


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