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Gun Safety Advocates Blast Obenshain’s Dangerous Record on Guns


The following is from the DPVA (also note the photo of Obenshain with NRA extremist nutjob Wayne LaPierre; in another photo from that same event, Obenshain is wearing a “Guns Save Lives” sticker):

Tea Party AG candidate’s votes in General Assembly prove he’s in the pocket of NRA

Today, noted opponents of gun violence in Virginia reacted to the recent NRA ad attacking Mark Herring and discussed Tea Party candidate for Attorney General Mark Obenshain’s extreme record on gun safety.

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence’s Lori Haas and Mary Croft with the Blue Ridge Coalition to Stop Gun Violence exposed Mark Obenshain’s extreme voting record and lack of support for common sense measures to prevent gun violence during his career as a state Senator.

“Time and again, Mark Obenshain, along with Ken Cuccinelli, has sided with the NRA and against Virginians who are demanding common sense reforms to reduce gun violence,” said Lori Haas. “Virginians don’t want another Attorney General like Ken Cuccinelli and that’s what Mark Obenshain will be. They want an Attorney General who will work to keep our children and our communities safe and stand up for common sense measures like universal background checks. Virginians want an Attorney General like Mark Herring.”

“Mark Obenshain’s record on guns puts him squarely on the radical fringe in Virginia,” said Mary Croft. “We’ve lived under Ken Cuccinelli the last four years and it hasn’t been good for Virginia. Virginians want an Attorney General who is focused on public safety and protecting our communities.”

Mark Obenshain’s abysmal record preventing gun violence includes:

·         Voting to allow guns in bars [SB334, 2010]

·         Voting for the repeal of the one hand gun a month law [SB323, 2012]

·         Voting to allow guns in child day care centers [SB1364, 2007]

·         Voting against closing the gun show loophole [SB109, 2008]


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