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Ken Cuccinelli to Rally This Evening with “gay-bashing, abortion-hating, home-school-loving group”


The words in the title are from this morning’s Washington Post editorial, which notes that “Mr. Cruz is this year’s homecoming king” at this hate group’s “annual gala dinner [to] be held Saturday night in Richmond.” Here’s the invitation (click to “embiggen”); followed by more information about the “Family Foundation.”

*The head of the organization, Victoria Cobb, has been the way she is a long time: in 6th grade, she  wrote “an essay in which she imagined herself a fictional judge overturning Roe v. Wade.” It’s only gotten worse from there…

…She now heads up a group which opposes abortion even in cases of rape and incest, which is rabidly homophobic, also “pro-school-choice, pro-limited government, pro-tax policies that create incentives for mothers to stay at home, and pro-religious expression in public places such as courthouses and state schools.” She’s also a big promoter of “‘The Truth Project,’ a DVD training series” which “[exhorts] Christians to arm themselves for a ‘battle of worldviews’ and to inject Biblical principles into topics such as government, history and science.” Great, huh? Oh, and she’s also a close ally of E.W. Jackson, “the Family Foundation’s Chesapeake-based chaplain.”

*Among the “victories” and “victories to come” the group touts on its website: “Require ultrasound and women offered to view ultrasound prior to abortion”; “Outlaw Elective Abortion in Obamacare Health Insurance Exchanges;” “Added a Marriage Amendment to the VA State Constitution;” “Defeated the Inclusion of Sexual Orientation in Employment and Hate Crimes”; “Required Posting of National Motto: “In God We Trust”; “Ban Taxpayer Funding of Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Planned Parenthood;” “Divorce Reform/Modified No-Fault Divorce;” and “Religious Liberty Amendment.”

*The group believes in “death panels” and adulates Ken Cuccinelli.

*On its website, it has this bizarre rant about how President Obama supposedly doesn’t believe “he United States of America is a Christian nation” (which of course it isn’t and never has been), citing as “evidence” Obama’s citing “the fact that Muslims, Buddhists, Jews and others are American citizens.” Uh, hello? That IS a fact, what’s the question here? Who knows with these extremists.

*Ken Cuccinelli will rally with these Patr Robertson/Jerry Falwell-style theocrats tonight, along with neo-confederate Ted Cruz and ultra-slimy Eric Can’tor. How ANY Virginian could vote for Cuccinelli – or his ideological soulmates E.W. Jackson and Mark Obenshain – is truly disturbing…


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