Negative Reaction Pours in to AP’s Firing of Bob Lewis, Dean of the Virginia Political Press Corps


    The reaction to the AP’s absurd firing of Bob Lewis, a great reporter and the super-respected dean of the Virginia political press corps, pours in. And none of it is supportive of the AP, from what I can tell. My reaction: this is a ridiculous, wild overreaction by a “news” organization that makes mistakes – including egregious ones – all the time, yet doesn’t fire the reporters involved. Also, I’d point out that it’s not just the AP; the media makes tons of mistakes and almost NEVER fires a reporter because of them, even though many richly deserve to be fired for incompetence, ineptitude, false equivalence laziness/cowardice, etc. (e.g., see this guy, who should have been fired years ago!). So now the AP fires Bob Lewis over one bad mistake? You must be freakin’ kidding me!!!

    *Former Rep. Tom Perriello: “Big loss to fire @APBobLewis. Few know VA politics as well. We respect/fear him b/c he knows his stuff. Everyone has a bad day.”

    *DNC Communications Director Mo Elleithee: “As someone who has known & worked with @APBobLewis for 13 years, I can say he’s 1 of the best in the biz. BIG loss for Virginia… & the AP.”

    *Sen. Mark Warner: “AP’s Bob Lewis has been a fixture at the Va Capitol and his reporting will be missed by Virginians. Best wishes at a tough moment, Bob.”

    *Bob McDonnell’s Communications Director Tucker Martin“If journalism had a draft @APBobLewis and @DenaPotterAP would be early 1st round picks. Huge talent now available media outlets: AP’s loss”

    *Washington Examiner reporter Steve Contorno: “Hard to imagine that @APBobLewis’ error was worse than the AP reporters that botched Boston reports and got to keep their jobs.”

    *NY Times/former Wash. Post Virginia political reporter Michael Shear: “I’m all for accuracy. But I’m damn hard pressed to see how AP did the right thing firing @APBobLewis, who has long championed that value.”

    *Tim Kaine Chief of Staff Mike Henry: “Fire @APBobLewis !?  Over a mistake that was pulled back & apologized 4 That’s BS. Bob u r a champion.  AP’s loss. Move on with head up BL”

    *Virginian Pilot political reporter Julian Walker: “At a loss for words on @APBobLewis & @DenaPotterAP. Quality people & journalists.”

    *Gov. Bob McDonnell: “@apboblewis and @denapotter have always been fair, tough and smart. Virginians deserve dedicated reporters like them.”

    *Washington Post Metro columnist Robert McCartney: “@benpershing I agree. Suspension and reprimand should have been sufficient. Bob Lewis’s record over many years should have counted for more”

    *Sen. Tim Kaine: Big loss for Virginia. @APBobLewis is an even-handed, talented reporter & a class act.

    *McAuliffe campaign says: “We’ve consistently said this story is water under the bridge and did not ask for any actions to be taken against those involved…We have had a professional relationship with Bob Lewis, Dena Potter and the rest of AP’s Virginia team during this campaign.”

    *Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling: “Sorry to see the AP fire Bob Lewis. Bob is one of the most respected reporters in Richmond. We all make mistakes. Bob did not deserve this.”

    *Head of Sorensen Institute Bob Gibson: “I’ve known and worked with Bob Lewis for decades.  AP decision was wrong.  Bob is one of the best journalists in Virginia, deserves better.”