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Cuccinelli does not understand Virginia legislative process


You would think the currently sitting Virginia Attorney General would know the Virginia Constitution. If a Virginia Governor refuses to sign a bill it automatically becomes law. If Terry McAuliffe refuses to sign a budget bill, the bill approved by the General Assembly automatically becomes law.

Speaking with reporters in Sterling today, Ken Cuccinelli accused Terry McAuliffe of threatening to shutdown Virginia government by not signing a budget bill. Anyone with basic knowledge of Virginia government and the Virginia Constitution knows that is a falsehood.

Each year bills are passed by the General Assembly and become law without the signature of the Governor. Generally, that happens when the Governor does not want to add his blessing to the bill (or potentially budget bill) but does not feel strong enough to either amend or veto the bill.

Terry McAuliffe is rightly accused of not having a background in Virginia governance or knowledge of the Virginia legislative process. Seems to me that Ken Cuccinelli is in the same boat.


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