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New Poll: McAuliffe 46%-Cuccinelli 38%-Sarvis 9%


Politico reports.

Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe has an 8-point lead in the Virginia governor’s race, a new poll found, the latest evidence of his advantage with less than three weeks left until Election Day.

The NBC4/NBC News/Marist poll found McAuliffe winning 46 percent of likely voters, compared with 38 percent for GOP Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and 9 percent for libertarian Robert Sarvis. If the election were a two-way race between McAuliffe and Cuccinelli, McAuliffe’s lead would increase to 9 points, 52 percent to 43 percent.

Compared to the last NBC/Marist poll, which was prior to the government shutdown, this poll marks a widening of McAuliffe’s lead, from 5 points then to 8 points now. No wonder why Cuccinelli’s flailing around, throwing anything and everything at the wall (e.g., this) and hoping it sticks. Total #FAIL

P.S. The last pol=l Cuccinelli led was back in mid July, and that was Roanoke College so not a serious poll. Other than that, you have to go back to late April/early May for the last Cooch lead.

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