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New TV Ad Highlights Cuccinelli Plan to Campaign with Ted Cruz, Architect of Tea Party Shutdown


Great stuff from the McAuliffe campaign:

Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe’s campaign released a new television ad Thursday, “Over the Brink,” regarding Ken Cuccinelli’s refusal to condemn the Tea Party tactics that caused the government shutdown. Later this week, Cuccinelli will bring the architect of the Tea Party shutdown, Senator Ted Cruz, to Virginia to campaign for him. At the same time, the shutdown has jeopardized the jobs of thousands of Virginians employed by the federal government, and Virginia’s more than 800,000 veterans are at risk of seeing their benefits delayed.

“The Tea Party shutdown is already negatively impacting thousands of Virginians and will hurt more every day, but Ken Cuccinelli refuses to condemn the tactics that Cruz and his Tea Party allies used to implement this ideology-driven shutdown,” said McAuliffe spokesperson Josh Schwerin. “Now, Cuccinelli is bringing the architect of the Tea Party shutdown to Virginia to campaign for him. Virginians deserve real leadership from their next governor, not someone who will continually put his own ideological agenda ahead of Virginia jobs.”

In 2004, Cuccinelli said he “wished” Virginia Republicans had shut down the state over then Governor Warner’s bipartisan budget bill that he opposed, going so far as to brag that “in my view we shouldn’t have chickened out. I’d have taken them right to the brink. I’d have gone right over the brink” to stop Warner’s budget bill.


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