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Pioneer of In Vitro Fertilization Slams E.W. Jackson for Calling It “Kind of Evil”


From the Northam for LG campaign:

Jackson’s book stirs more controversy

Richmond, VA-Today on a conference call with members of the media Dr. Ralph Northam and Dr. Howard Jones criticized Republican E.W. Jackson for his support of Personhood legislation, which would outlaw common forms of birth control and in vitro fertilization.

Dr. Jones, the author of Personhood Revisited, ripped Jackson for writing in his book that in vitro fertilization was a “kind of evil”. Jones explained the dangers of Jackson’s rigid ideology when it comes to reproductive health care.

“Doctors and their patients do not need E.W. Jackson or any politican meddling in private medical decisions,” said Dr. Howard Jones. “To call in vitro fertilization evil is offensive to the families who have had to use this procedure. The Personhood legislation that Jackson supports is reckless and misguided. If it were up to him, in vitro and many forms of birth control would be made illegal.”

“Dr. Jones and I have worked together at Eastern Virginia Medical School for many years and I respect his groundbreaking work in the area of in vitro, it really put EVMS on the map,” said candidate for Lt. Governor Ralph Northam. “Politicians, most of whom are men should not be telling women what they can and cannot be doing with their bodies. Mr. Jackson’s unyielding ideology is a threat to the future of in vitro and common forms of birth control. His views are anti-science and anti-common sense.”

Tea Party candidate E.W. Jackson has endorsed the controversial Personhood legislation and in his book referred to in vitro as a “kind of evil”.


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