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Three Videos of E.W. Jackson’s Raging Homophobia


And now, for Halloween, something truly terrifying. The following videos are all courtesy of the amazing Right Wing Watch, which keeps a close eye on extremists and bigots – like E.W. Jackson – across America. These are relevant because just yesterday, Jackson was busy outright lying by denying that he ever said this stuff. The ridiculous thing is, a huge amount of it is on audio and/or video, so how on earth does this lunatic think he can get away with just outright denying what he said?

1. E.W. Jackson: ‘Deliver’ Gays From ‘Destructive’ Lifestyle; Obama Will ‘Teach Children Homosexuality’

2.  Jackson: Obama Will Teach Homosexuality To Kids

3. Jackson: Gays “Destructive,” Must Be Taught How To Be “Productive”


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