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Video: Mark Warner Angry at “Our Way or the Highway,” “Irresponsible” House Republicans


Mark Warner is not pleased:

I’ve not ever seen this kind of irresponsible behavior in Richmond or anything…even in my days in Washington. It would be like if the Senate said, ok we’re going to shut down the government if you don’t pass our immigration bill or unless you pass our farm bill; that’s not the way you legislate…Right now, there’s an awful lot of folks who’ve got a right to be upset. I think about our federal workforce that constantly is denigrated by some…folks who work here on the Hill, a federal workforce that has not had a raise for three years…now being sent home. This is not right…what young scientist will be willing to go work for the NIH…The simplest solution to this would be, let the House vote on the Senate ability to continue the government…This is an economy that we know at best is only slowly recovery…to take this action now…is irresponsible beyond words…This is just a warmup for this same crowd two weeks from now are saying, oh if we don’t get this on a government shutdown, we’re going to threaten to default on the country’s debts.

Warner added that the feedback he’s getting is folks who are “mad as hell, and they’ve got every right to be.”  

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