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Virginia News Headlines: Republicans-Shut-Down-the-Government Edition


Here are a few Virginia and national news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, October 1. Also check out the video, in which Rep. Gerry Connolly correctly points his finger at what can only be described as the Republicans’ “mass psychosis” for what’s going on right now.

*Shutdown begins: Stalemate forces first U.S. government closure in 17 years (And the Post gets off to a bad start; this is not a “stalemate,” it is ONE SIDE – the Republicans – forcing the government to shut down by putting forth completely absurd, extreme, un-democratic goals that they 100% know are a non-starter. I almost hate the pathetic, cowardly corporate media worse than I hate Republicans like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Eric Cantor, if that’s humanly possible.)

*What the shutdown means for federal employees

*No more excuses on climate change (“Skeptics and deniers can make all the noise they want, but a landmark new report is unequivocal: There is a 95 percent chance that human-generated emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are changing the climate in ways that court disaster.” And we need to take strong action about it, now, on an emergency basis. So where the hell’s the sense of urgency?!?)

*The tea party’s revolt against reality (Column by conservative Republican Michael Gerson nails it: the Tea Party can’t handle reality, including an America that’s changing rapidly before their eyes, and they’re throwing a massive temper tantrum about it.)

*It’s Day One for Obamacare (Great news; millions of Americans can now buy quality health care coverage at affordable prices. Only a Teahadist could possibly see this as a bad thing.)

*Shutdown stalemate shows larger GOP dilemma: How to be a governing party (They have to marginalize the Tea Party and work across the aisle to get stuff done. To date, they have been unwilling and/or unable to do either of those things.)

*Cuccinelli, McAuliffe stake out clashing views on Obamacare as shutdown looms (Cuccinelli, needless to say, is part of what Gerry Connolly calls the “mass psychosis” wing of the Republican Party.)

*3rd bid in governor’s race could cost Cuccinelli (More importantly is that Cuccinelli is so far-right, including on “social issues,” that there’s an opening for someone like Sarvis.)

*Pursuing truth under negativism (“At the very least, such issues speak to the attorney general’s ability to manage his office for the benefit of Virginians.”)

*McAuliffe stumps with support of Crutchfield (“Less than a year after hosting a rally for Republican vice presidential hopeful Paul Ryan, Charlottesville-area businessman Bill Crutchfield on Monday endorsed Democrat Terry McAuliffe for governor.”)

*McDonnell: “A pox on both houses” for federal shutdown (I can understand why a Republican would say that, but can someone please tell me ONE THING Democrats have done to deserve any blame in this, let alone a “pox” on them? Uhhhhhhh…)

*Virginia prepares for shutdown’s effects, McDonnell says (Not sure how we really “prepare” for this.)

*Barreling toward oblivion (“Virginia’s economy is particularly vulnerable to harm in  a government shutdown.” Yet Virginia’s Republican House members voted to shut the government down rather than see the health care law continue to be implemented. They all need to be voted out of office for that. Every. Single. One. Of. Them.)

*Bolling lobbies for two-term governor, redistricting changes (I strongly agree: we definitely need bipartisan, or better yet NONpartisan, redistricting. We also should ditch the ridiculous one-term limit on our governors.)

*Donors fill boards of Va. universities (Yet another case of money, not necessarily MERIT, buying access. That’s not the way America is supposed to work.)

*Virginia Beach plans to branch out with more trees

*New season, same goal: Stanley Cup

*A warm and sunny start for October (Well, at least the weather will be nice as you’re out of work. I suggest you use it to get out and put up signs, knock on doors, etc., urging Virginians to vote Democratic on November 5!)


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