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Time to Shut Down the GOP


A few tweets and quotes sum up how i feel about now.

*‏@NancyPelosi tweets, “That’s the 45th vote to derail #ACA & proof that Rs are bent on shutting down the govt. Time to #ShutdownTheGOP, keep govt open for America.”

*Conservative Michael Gerson writes an article headlined, “The tea party’s revolt against reality”: “We are no longer seeing a revolt against the Republican leadership, or even against the Republican “establishment”; this revolt is against anyone who accepts the constraints of political reality. Conservatives are excommunicated not for holding the wrong convictions but for rational calculations in service of those convictions.”

*Right winger Jennifer Rubin writes an article headlined, “All working according to plan, just not the GOP’s”: “At some point, the Republicans in the House, with or without the Vitter Amendment and with or without the Dems, will pass a clean CR. Anyone who imagined they’d obtain something monumental by threatening to blow themselves up must have been, well, working for Heritage Action or one of its comrades.”

*Ezra Klein boils it all down to one sentence: “The GOP has become an insurgent outlier in American politics – it is ideologically extreme; scornful of compromise; and dismissive of the legitimacy of its political opposition.” Klein also urges, Don’t forget what the shutdown is really about.

My thoughts: let’s start shutting down the Teahadists, once and for all, at the ballot booths. It starts right here in Virginia on November 5, then continues in November 2014 when we have a chance to toss out all the Tea Party nuts who rode into town on the 2010 teabagger tsunami.

Any other thoughts, other than outrage and revulsion at these extremist wackos – the Ted Cruzes, Rand Pauls, and all the Republican nuts in the House of Representatives?

P.S. I just checked Ken Kookinelli’s Facebook page, and all I saw about the government shutdown was Cuccinelli’s ludicrous Big Lie, somehow attempting to tie Terry McAuliffe to it. I know, what universe does this guy live in? Definitely not the universe known by most of us as “reality.”


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