You Need a Raise


    Compared with other developed nations, the United States has:

    – Greater income inequality

    – Less upward mobility

    What should Americans do? What can we do?

    Mark Shields of the PBS Newshour states this will be the #1 Democratic issue in 2016.

    200 people attended a forum headlined by Hedrick Smith that focused on these questions. A video is at…

    – Short bios on the panelists start at 10:00.

    – Hedrick Smith speaks at 16:40.

    This video is filled with truthful, in-depth, policy analysis rather than the diet of sound bites, spin, messaging and propaganda we are generally fed.  


    – Income inequality in America results primarily from conscious political decisions as opposed to the “inevitable” consequences of globalized technologies.

    -Income inequality threatens our economic recovery and rends our social fabric.

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