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Ken Cuccinelli: “Tempting” to Take on Mark Warner in 2014


If you can tolerate Ken Cuccinelli’s incessant (bitter, angry) whining in this Washington Post interview (e.g., he “bemoaned his treatment by the media,” claimed McAuliffe’s campaign “lied their way to this victory,” said “I got within 2 1/2 points when everything’s stacked against us and we were outspent by $15 million”), there’s actually one nugget of news that’s interesting, albeit laughable if you ask me.

In his first interview since Democrat Terry McAuliffe defeated him to become the state’s 72nd governor, Cuccinelli (R) said Monday that he finds the idea of challenging Warner “tempting” because of the troubled rollout of the federal health-care law, which the Democratic senator supported.

“There is no such thing as an unendangered Democrat who promised, as Mark Warner did, on video, sitting in his Senate office, ‘I would not vote for a health-care plan that doesn’t let you keep health insurance you like,’ ” Cuccinelli said. “Oh, really? You were the tiebreaking vote. . . . Mark Warner’s not going to have a cruise in 2014.

The question is, should Mark Warner – the most popular politician in Virginia for years now – be at all worried about Ken Cuccinelli, with his badly “underwater” favorable/unfavorable ratings, challenging him? I say, “no more than an incumbent should NEVER take reelection for granted.” What do you think?

P.S. Photo by Catherine S. Read.

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