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Mark Obenshain Demonstrates Yet Again Why He’s Unfit to Be Attorney General of Virginia


obenshaindemoperativeMark Obenshain actually posted this garbage (see image to the far right, appropriately – lol) on his Facebook wall, demonstrating that he knows absolutely nothing about how elections are stolen. In fact, as one commenter points out: “attempts to steal elections are made by passing laws to restrict citizens voting rights and changing vote counting rules right in the middle of counting the votes.” You know, things like Mark Obenshain and his cronies do all the times. One thing’s for sure, elections are most certainly NOT stolen by someone getting pissed off at being filmed by a GOP operative, pushing some chairs around, and putting his hand in front of the camera to block it. As the saying goes, “teh stupid, it burnzzzzzz.”

By the way, this “Democratic operative” (John Farrell) actually didn’t “attack” anyone. As Republican and Fairfax elections official Brian Schoeneman wrote: “Guys, chill. Nothing untoward happened here. It was an argument over space that got blown out of proportion. I’ve admonished John not to do this again and he’s  agreed. Done. Move on.” Apparently, this simple concept is not something that Mark Obenshain can understand, just like he claimed to not understand the implications of his own bill to criminalize miscarriages. Bottom line: this guy’s either a liar or clueless, either option making him utterly unfit to be Attorney General of Virginia. Thank goodness this self-described clone of Ken Kookinelli appears to have lost the election to Mark Herring, who will restore the rule of law – not to mention basic competence for a change! – to the Virginia Attorney General’s office.

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