Always Fun to See Republicans Turn on the Tea Party


    I found this gem while perusing the Daily Kos earlier today.  While I never expected to hear myself saying this, I might actually agree with a Republican on this one.  But as they say, “your enemy’s enemy”……

    Some highlights:

    Principles like smaller government…unless you want to marry someone you love or make a healthcare decision for yourself.  Principles like education…unless your flagship university researches something other than creationism, it which case “Sue baby, Sue!”  And principles like democracy…unless you’re trying to be a sane Republican, in which case you are to be tarred, feathered, and primaried out-of-office.

    “If not, maybe the opinion of other Republicans will resonate.  Here’s a good one: “They’re (the Tea Party) a leaderless, utterly unintelligible, and completely schizophrenic movement.  If that’s not too insulting to the term.  Movement, that is.”

    And here’s another, ” If Chicken Little had a bastard child with Jerry Falwell, they would call it a Tea Party Patriot.”

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