Arlingtonite receiving Robo Call from Whitbeck supporters


    Tonight I received a robo campaign call from Middle Resolution ( in support of John Whitbeck running for state senate.

    I live in North Arlington far away from that district.  In addition, I don’t know why these clowns would be calling a hard-core opponent of the Tea-Party.

    I informed the Whitbeck campaign that receiving the call so upset me that I am now motivated to giving to his opponent. Hopefully all of you reading this will give to his opponent Jennifer Wexton as the election is crucial to keeping the senate Democratic.

    As an aside, I am a big fan of banning all unsolicited robo calls (except emergencies)and wish we had legislators who would prioritize such legislation. If McAuliffe proposed this his poll numbers would probably jump 5 points.

    Middle Resolution’s tagline is “Restoring Fiscal Integrity and Individual Rights.” I want the right not to be harassed by phone calls from their computers.

    Banning robo political calls will benefit Democrats. Rebublikochs don’t have the large numbers of volunteers that Democrats have and cannot win a phone bank contest in most jurisdictions.


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