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I’m Dreamin’ of a White Prius


On a snowy winter day in Virginia, a new holiday tune has been written.  I hesitate to share this, but perhaps it will “resonate” with someone:

  The Virginia Car Tax Blues (White Prius)

  I'm dreamin' of a white Prius…
  with every car tax check I write.
  Where the hybrids pay more, and big cars pay less,
  To use, Virginia's bumpy roads.
  I'm dreamin' of a new Prius…
  but I don't think it makes sense here.
  Low de-pre-ci-a-tion, high val-u-a-tion,
  You pay, more car tax every year.
  Now thinkin' of a used Chevy…
  just like the one Gramps used to drive.
  If you think that's crazy, you're right!
  But may all your Priuses…be White.
The lyrics were written a few days ago when two Virginia grandfathers, who do not know each other, were nonetheless commiserating on an on-line forum about Virginia's new hybrid fees.  As it turns out, we both own white Prii (whereas Prii is the official plural form of Prius).  Hey elected officials: when grandfathers have to unite to write protest songs, perhaps there is a problem.   



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