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Mark Herring’s Senate Seat Starting to Look a LOT Safer!


Good news from Caitlin Gibson of the Washington Post, as Republican Joe May running as an independent, along with a loony-tunes Republican candidate (most likely the far-right-wingnut and anti-Semitic jokester John Whitbeck), combined with the fact that Democrats just nominated a super-strong candidate (Jennifer Wexton) of our own, means that Mark Herring’s Senate seat is looking a lot safer. Not 100% safe, of course – but much, much safer. Thank goodness traditional Republicans like Joe May can’t make it in the lunatic asylum – and nominating process rigged in favor of the craziest of the crazy – known as today’s Republican Party. LOL

P.S. Loudoun County Democratic Committee chair Evan Macbeth just tweeted, “I guess a mass meeting in Sterling, favoring tea party candidates, isn’t a friendly process for reasonable Republicans.” Uh, nope. 😉  Evan adds, snarkily, “Republicans: “A single-location, low turnout nominating process worked great for us for VA-GOV 2013, let’s use it for S-33!” Exactly!

P.P.S. The Herndon Patch tweets that the GOP “opts for Mass Mtg instead of primary.” Kind of like the process that selected Ken Kookinelli and E.W. Jackson last spring.

UPDATE: Ben “Not Larry Sabato” Tribbett tweets, “With Lynwood Lewis pulling away in #VA06 and Joe May (R) running as an Indy in #VA33, looks like 2 easy Dem wins to take over VA Senate.” Agreed.

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