The Log Cabin Republicans and Me…


    I am a socially progressive fiscal conservative (in the sense of paying my bills, not in the sense of enriching myself by deliberately impoverishing someone else, and then blaming them for it)person.  I used to be able to vote, at least occasionally, for Republicans who I believed represented my beliefs, as well as Democrats.  It all depended on the platform and the promises.  

    I haven’t changed one whit. But the GOP has.   It’s morphed into the party of small minded hate, dedicated to the propositions that it can further  enrich the tiny minority by impoverishing the rest of us, that no one will ever catch on, and that the ride will last forever.

    Throwing in victim blaming comes out of narrow minded hate and selfishness is just more grist for their mill, which grinds very find, and is grinding pretty much every decent, open minded American to dust.

    I’m old and cannot see this changing back in my lifetime, so I gave up and have vowed to never, EVER, vote for a Republican again. Not everyone has quit:  the Log Cabin Republicans have stuck with it, for which I give them credit for stubbornness if not common sense. More power to them.

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