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My Media Wish List for 2014 (short version)


Here’s a short wish list for the media in 2014. First, I think the image at the right sums up the #1 challenge (one I guarantee they won’t meet, as reporting on idiocy is about the only thing that brings them “eyeballs,” “clicks,” etc.).

Second, as a corollary to item #1, START reporting on important stuff. Top of the list: the climate crisis and environmental issues in general – on the merits, this should merit banner headlines every day. Let’s get real here; the networks are never going to out-stupid cable TV, so why even bother? Instead, go back to doing what you’re supposed to be doing – reporting real news, stuff that actually matters for the country and the world, and drop all the other crap.

Third, either completely revamp the Sunday morning talk shows or eliminate them completely. Right now, it’s basically a bunch of white, conservative men regurgitating conventional wisdom and right-wing talking points.

Fourth, the Washington Post needs to make huge changes, including firing Richard Cohen for being a horrendous writer, a bigot, and an all-around jerk. Then, of course, fire editorial page editor Fred Hiatt, who oversees this monstrosity (and who has defended Richard Cohen). That would be a decent start to improving the paper.

Fifth, cut the false equivalency crap. Of course, Democrats are far from perfect, but that doesn’t change the fact that 99% of this country’s problems – including the gridlock in DC – is caused by the Teapublicans and their odious, far-right-wingnut ideology. Now, media, it’s your job to report this fact.

Sixth, you guys aren’t meteorologists. News flash for the media: in the summer, it gets hot and there are fires, hurricanes, etc.; in the winter, it gets cold and it snows/sleets; in the spring, we get tornadoes. No need to take over your entire newscast with this stuff, when everyone can go online and find the latest radar, forecasts, etc., in about 2 seconds. Also, if you ARE going constantly report “extreme” weather, then how about talking about WHY scientists increasingly believe said extreme weather is increasing. Hint – it’s got two words, both starting with the letter “c” and ending in the letter “e.” Hmmmmm.

Seventh through 100 or so – there are many more items that merit being on this list; feel free to add your thoughts in the comments section. Thanks.

P.S. Also, stop using racist names for football teams (e.g., the Washington NFL franchise). You don’t print profanity or the “n word,” so why would you print other racial slurs?


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