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Top 12 Most Popular Blue Virginia Posts of 2013


Courtesy of Google Analytics, here are the top 13 Blue Virginia blog posts, in terms of visits, for 2013. The major themes: Cuccinelli, Kookinelli, the Cooch, extreme Virginia Republicans, and did I mention E.W. Jackson? Enjoy!

1. BREAKING: While Dems Distracted by Inauguration, Virginia Senate GOP Stages a Coup: Nope, you don’t get any more slimy, sneaky, underhanded, etc. than this.

2. BREAKING: Cuccinelli Says Transportation Bill, Medicaid Expansion Unconstitutional: “According to our fine Attorney General (and his office), the two main accomplishments of the 2013 Virginia General Assembly are not constitutional.”

3. Videos: THIS Is the Lunatic Virginia Teapublicans Just Nominated for Lt. Governor!: As we all found out, E.W. Jackson isn’t just Tea Party, he’s…well, watch the videos! My god.

4. Former RPV Chair Kate Obenshain: Planned Parenthood “Barbarians;” Colleges “Indoctrination Camps”: In this clip, Obenshain calls Planned Parenthood “barbarians” who are “promoting a barbaric philosophy.” She also claims that everythying on college campuses is “oriented towards promoting the billion dollar abortion industry…it’s not about the right of women to control their bodies, it’s about the right of Planned Parenthood to make billions and billions.” She concludes that “our college campuses are indoctrination camps for the abortion industry…that’s what it is.”

5. ExxonMobil Really REALLY Doesn’t Want People to Know How Much It Hates Your Children>: Per Meteor Blades at Daily Kos, the anti-democratic (small “d”) thugs at ExxonMobil really REALLY don’t like being criticized for destroying our planet while raking in record profits in the history of said planet.

6. Live Blogging the Virginia Republican Freak Show…er, Convention: Turned out to be bizarrely addictive, I guess in the same sense that circus freak shows can be entertaining.

7. One Photo Sums Up Almost Everything Wrong with Ken Cuccinelli: Ken Kookinelli stands proud with crazy-a@@ extremist you-know-what Rand Paul “on Syria.” Syria? What does Ken Cuccinelli know about Syria, and what on earth did Syria have to do with the Virginia governor’s race? I mean, I’ve heard of trying to “nationalize” a state race, but INTERnationalize it? LOL

8. Mark Herring Statement On Taking The Majority Of Votes On Election Day: And then he had to take the majority of votes again…and again, before FINALLY being declared the AG-elect. What a race!

9. The Dog that Refuses to Bark: A Stunning Clue about the Problem with American Media : Andy Schmookler asks the question, “What does it mean that the media would shun the authors of a book that points to the obvious devolution of the Republican Party into something extreme, something that breaks the usual mold for a major American Party?”

10. New CNU Poll: McAuliffe Has 9-point lead over Cuccinelli; Northam, Herring Also Lead: And guess what? That’s right, it turned out that CNU was correct on the winners, but far off on the margin of victory for McAuliffe. Like most of the other polls.

11. Virginia Primary Election Results Live Blog: One of my favorite things to do is live blog election results. Yeah, I’m a total political junkie, I admit it. Is there a 12-step program to help people like me? LOL

12. Jen Rubin’s Top Ten Quotes About Ken Cuccinelli’s Extremism: If even right-wing hack Jennifer Rubin can figure out that Ken Cuccinelli’s an extremist nutjob, you’d think the rest of Virginia’s voters could figure it out too. Yet somehow, 1,013,354 of our fellow Virginians weren’t able to do that. Scary.

P.S. I’m sure my live blog of Election Day 2013 would have been very high on this list, except for one problem: Blue Virginia’s hosting company (Soapblox) couldn’t keep up with the traffic, despite being repeatedly warned that it would be heavy on election night. Definitely one of my most frustrating moments as a blogger…


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