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Video: Eric Can’tor to 9-year-old girl: “I can’t help you”


Per ThinkProgress:

As House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) was walking down a Congressional office hall on Wednesday, a girl identified by the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM) as 9-year-old Liz Maquez attempted to ask him to help move immigration reform forward on behalf of her undocumented father. Without allowing Liz to ask her question, Cantor immediately responded that he couldn’t help her.

What a mensch. Not. Of course, the truth is that Eric Can’tor absolutely CAN help this girl, as well as millions of others, by simply allowing the bipartisan immigration bill that passed the Senate a few months ago to come to a vote in the House of Representatives, where it would almost certainly pass. So, Can’tor’s not only a cold-blooded jerk, he’s also a liar. Great combo, huh?

P.S. Of course, Can’tor’s too busy trying to scuttle diplomacy with Iran (which would sharply increase the chances of war) and ranting about “Obamacare” to bother himself with a 9-year-old girl…or with doing his freakin’ job!  


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