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Virginia News Headlines: Monday Morning


Here are a few Virginia and national news headlines, political and otherwise, for Monday, December 30. Also, check out the video of Democratic grassroots superstar Chrisi West, former Fairfax County Democratic Committee (FCDC) Vice Chair for Voter Registration and Get Out the Voter Operations, talk about FCDC Chair candidate (and another grassroots superstar) Sue Langley’s extensive background in the crucial area of precinct operations.

*Health coverage sign-ups top 1.1M on U.S. exchange (“The new figures, fueled by a December surge in enrollment through the federal insurance marketplace, suggest officials are making progress on HealthCare.gov”)

*Minimum Wage Key to Democrats’ 2014 Strategy

*Paul Krugman: Fiscal Fever Breaks (“…while policy remains terrible, we’re finally starting to talk about real issues like inequality, not a fake fiscal crisis. And that has to be a move in the right direction.”)

*2013 wasn’t as bad as you might think (“…on a longer view, 2013 could be remembered as the year when the far right began to weaken, the forces of obstruction began to recede and the country began moving toward at least the possibility of constructive government.”)

*Rep. Castro rips Issa after Benghazi report: He ‘crusaded for over a year on a fairy tale’

*Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson: Girls should carry a Bible and marry ‘when they are 15’ (This guy is just disgusting in every way – racist, homophobic, theocratic, misogynistic, you name it. And remember, right wingnuts have actually leaped to his defense!)

*Promises, promises…McDonnell fulfilled half of them (This is being verrrrry generous to McDonnell.)

*Year in Politics: Breaking new ground, affirming old traditions in Virginia

*Bolling stepping away from politics for now

*Editorial: Best for the best (“Todd Haymore seems to have a lock on the best job in the commonwealth. Last week, Gov.-elect Terry McAuliffe reappointed him as secretary of agriculture and forestry”)

*McDonnell’s legacy: servant leadership (Is this supposed to be a parody?)

*Yes, Virginia Beach, there is a new-thinking sheriff in town (“Ken Stolle still believes criminals should be punished, but he no longer thinks mandatory minimum sentences are a good idea. He also thinks criminals need help to avoid repeating mistakes.”)

*Fairfax could face housing crunch with new jobs

*Virginia Gun Owners Not Pleased With ‘No Guns Permitted’ Sign Outside Toby Keith’s New Restaurant (LOL)

*Shanahan’s firing said to be imminent  

*Cold, dry weather will end 2013 (“Seasonably brisk temperatures with highs in the 40s are forecast for the rest of the week.”)


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