Election Results Thread: SD-6, HD-11, FCDC Chair


    As of 7:45 pm, according to VPAP, Democrat Sam Rasoul is romping over Republican Octavia Johnson in the 11th House of Delegates district (Roanoke City). With 18 of 28 precincts reporting, it’s Rasoul 73%-Johnson 27%. This one appears to be over.

    The State Senate race in the 6th district between Democrat Lynwood Lewis and Republican Wayne Coleman is neck and neck as of 7:45 pm, with 4,612 votes for Lewis and 4,567 votes for Coleman (with 29 of 56 precincts reporting). Stay tuned…

    UPDATE 7:51 pm: Congratulations to Delegate-elect Sam Rasoul, who is winning in a blowout (72%-28% with 71% of precincts reporting)!

    UPDATE 7:52 pm: With 39 of 56 precincts reporting, it’s now Coleman 6,777 (50.3%)-Lewis 6,688 (49.6%). Yikes.

    UPDATE 7:57 pm:  ‏@jaycford tweets, “In the race to replace @RalphNortham Lewis is underperforming in key accomack precincts. Lewis needs big northampton numbers.”

    UPDATE 7:58 pm: With 44 of 56 reporting (78.6%), it’s now Coleman 7,388-Lewis 7,201. The remaining 4 precincts in Norfolk City went strongly for T-Mac in November, so that’s hopeful at least. Northampton went for T-Mac, but the outstanding Accomack precincts went heavily for Cuccinelli. This thing is way too close to call.

    UPDATE 8:10 pm: With 49 of 56 precincts reporting, it’s now Coleman  8,703-Lewis 8,550. Hmmmm.

    UPDATE 8:16 pm: According to  ‏@notlarrysabato, “Lynwood Lewis up by 215 with 3 precincts left.  Waiting to final ones now.”

    UPDATE 8:17 pm: According to VPAP, with 54 of 56 precincts reporting, it’s now Lewis 9,695-Coleman 9,588. Whoa!

    UPDATE 8:25 pm: According to ‏@vpapupdates, “Precincts Out: 201 (Northampton) – McAuliffe won 67%; Chincoteague (Accomack) Cuccinelli won 64% http://bit.ly/19ZPCy5

    UPDATE 8:28 pm: According to VPAP, with 55 of 56 precincts reporting, it’s now Lewis 9,937-Coleman 9,664. Looking a lot better! Still, there’s one remaining precinct (Chincoteague) to count, and Ken Cuccinelli won it by a 2:1 margin (678-346) last November. So…not quite over yet. More context – Chincoteague went 611-399 Loyola over Northam in November 2011.

    UPDATE 8:41 pm: I’m hearing there were over 700 votes cast at Chincoteague precinct by around 4 pm. Fingernail biting time…

    UPDATE 8:52 pm: Holy crap, according to VPAP, with 100% of precincts reporting, Lynwood Lewis has won by just 22 votes* (10,197-10,175). “Landslide Lynwood” anyone? LOL (*pending  almost certain recount)

    UPDATE 9:00 pm: I’ve said this a million times, but if anyone ever tells you their vote doesn’t matter, tell them they’re an idiot.

    UPDATE 10:19 pm: OK, it’s 10:19 pm and there are no results or even any information at all for the FCDC chair race. Totally absurd. #FAIL

    UPDATE 6:06 am Wednesday: I hear that Sue Langley won the Fairfax County Democratic Committee chair election by 6 votes, 287-281, over Cesar Del Aguila. Clearly, both Sue and Cesar have a great deal to offer, and both are recognized by the members as extremely valuable members of their committee! It’s a nice “problem” to have in many ways. 🙂


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