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John Foust Releases Lengthy, Impressive Endorsement List


I just received the following from John Foust’s campaign for Congress in the 10th CD. If this isn’t an impressive list, I don’t know what is! (also, after seeing this list and after last night’s amazing kickoff event (video for that uploading now; will post this morning), plus the enormous amounts of money John Foust is raising, I’d have to say that he’s the overwhelming favorite for the nomination, and that other rumored Democratic candidates – like Karen Schultz, for instance – should realize what they’d be up against here: a John Foust juggernaut!

The enthusiasm for John Foust’s Congressional Campaign continues to grow. The following Virginia Leaders have endorsed John’s candidacy.

James Moran – US Congressman

Ralph Northam –  Lt. Governor – Elect

Sharon Bulova – Chairman, Fairfax County Board of Supervisors

Dick Saslaw – Senate Democratic Leader

Dave Marsden – Virginia State Senator

Janet Howell – Virginia State Senator

Chap Petersen – Virginia State Senator

Toddy Puller – Virginia State Senator

Barbara Favola – Virginia State Senator

Adam Ebbin – Virginia State Senator

Emilie Miller – Former Virginia State Senator

Dozens more on the “flip!”

Ken Plum – Virginia State Delegate

Mark Keam – Virginia State Delegate

Eileen Filler-Corn – Virginia State Delegate

David Bulova – Virginia State Delegate

Bob Brink – Virginia State Delegate

Mark Sickles – Virginia State Delegate

Scott Surovell – Virginia State Delegate

Vivian Watts – Virginia State Delegate

Kaye Kory – Virginia State Delegate

Patrick Hope – Virginia State Delegate

Jim Scott – Virginia State Delegate

Marcus Simon – Virginia State Delegate-Elect

Alfonso Lopez – Virginia State Delegate

Margi Vanderhye – Former Virginia State Delegate

Kelly Burk – Leesburg Council Member, Former Leesburg Supervisor

Cathy Hudgins – Fairfax County Supervisor

Penny Gross – Fairfax County Supervisor

Gerry Hyland – Fairfax County Supervisor

Jeff McKay – Fairfax County Supervisor

Linda Smyth – Fairfax County Supervisor

Frank Principi – Prince WIlliam County Supervisor

Stacey Kincaid – Fairfax Sheriff

Stan Barry – Former Fairfax Sheriff

Kathy Smith – Fairfax County School Board Member

Janie Strauss – Fairfax County School Board Member

Ryan McElveen – Fairfax County School Board Member

Ilryong Moon – Fairfax County School Board Member

Ted Velkoff – Fairfax County School Board Member

Rachel Kirkland – Manassas Park School Board Member

Janet Oleszek – Former Fairfax County School Board Member

Pat Hynes – Fairfax County School Board Member

Tammy Kaufax – Fairfax County School Board Member

Megan McLaughin – Fairfax County School Board Member

Sandy Evans – Fairfax County School Board Member

Grace Wolf – Herndon Council Member

Sheila Olem – Herndon Council Member

Melissa Jonas – Herndon Council Member

Dan Drummond – Fairfax City Council Member

Kathleen Murphy, Fairfax County

Jennifer Boysko, Fairfax County

Liz Miller, Loudoun County

Jennifer Wexton, Loudoun County

Babur Lateef, Prince William County

Judy Feder, Fairfax County


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