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Open Thread: Virginia 33rd State Senate District Special Election


The screenshot of a Facebook post by Catherine S. Read seems encouraging. What are you seeing/hearing about the 33rd State Senate district special election today? Please let us know. Thanks.

UPDATE 5:46 pm: @notlarrysabato tweets, “The % of the electorate coming from Dem leaning precincts looks good for Wexton, BUT…The overall turnout in Loudoun is under the 2011 general election- where low turnout led to a GOP 9-0 sweep of county board…So nothing to report- we just need to wait until 7 pm to see who wins.”

UPDATE 5:32 pm: @fairfaxvotes reports, “5 p.m. update – FFX Co Electoral Board reports 5,085 votes cast in county’s 10 precincts for #Va33 special election. Polls open to 7 p.m.”

UPDATE 4:33 pm: @PeggyTV tweets, “Voter turnout for special election in #Va 33rd Sen Dist higher than expected thanks to feds day off”

UPDATE 1:23 pm: @BrianSchoeneman tweets, “our canvass of 33rd SD results which was scheduled for 7:30 PM tonight has been rescheduled to 1:30 PM Weds 1/22.”

UPDATE 1:08 pm: ‏@BrianSchoeneman tweets, “Getting reports from the precincts that roads are starting to freeze and some voters are reporting a large number of accidents on the roads.” Not good.

UPDATE 12:31 pm @JulieCareyNBC reports, “Despite the snow, polling place in Belmont Ridge area of #Loudoun had an hour long wait to vote this am.” Belmont Ridge went 57%-40% for McAuliffe over Cuccinelli in November.

UPDATE 12:25 pm: @notlarrysabato tweets, “Now at east leesburg. 655 voted here in 2011, 361voted so far.  Strong Dem precinct here.” Evan Macbeth tweets, “2pm Harper Park = 788” and this snarky comment – “One of the stories today is Joe May’s great GOTV work among people ineligible to vote for him.” LOL Finally,  ‏@BrianSchoeneman reports from Fairfax County – “Turnout is slowing down. @SteveHunt37 just reported in that we’re up to 335 in Carson – they were at 255 at 10 AM. That’s only 80 in 2.5 ”

UPDATE 11:21 am: Former Loudoun County Democratic Committee chair Evan Macbeth tweets the following updates.

*10am Cascades = 320 (Lowell’s note: Cascades went 54%-40% for Terry McAuliffe over Ken Cuccinelli, with 1,283 total votes cast.)

*10am University Center = 118 (Lowell’s note: this precinct went 53%-40% for McAuliffe, with 615 total votes cast).

*10am River Bend = 264 (Lowell’s note: this precinct went 49%-46% McAuliffe over Cuccinelli, with 899 total votes cast.)

*10am Algonkian = 234 (Lowell’s note: this precinct went 50%-44% McAuliffe over Cuccinelli, with 836 total votes cast.)

*10am Countryside = 100 (Lowell’s note: this precinct went 54%-40% for McAuliffe over Cuccinelli, with 434 total votes cast.)

*10am Harper Park = 535 (Lowell’s note: this precinct went 53%-43% Cuccinelli over McAuliffe, with 1,802 total votes cast.)

*10am Red Rock = 173 (Lowell’s note: this precinct went 50%-46% McAuliffe over Cuccinelli, with 598 total votes cast.)

*”I understood all of those results to be 10am, but am hearing some may have been 11am results. I apologize if I am in error.”

Also, Ben Tribbett tweets:

*”At legacy elem school in loudoun, white out conditions, school lot unplowed and election for #vasenatecontrol taking place.”

*”553 voted here in 2011, 321 already voted today.  But turnout lighter since snow started officials say.” (Lowell’s note: Legacy precinct went 55%-40% McAuliffe over Cuccinelli, with 1,219 total votes cast in November 2013.)


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