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Petition to Support Nondiscrimniation Bill


From Sen. Donald McEachin and Sen. Adam Ebbin:

Dear xxxx,

Earlier this week SB248, the nondiscrimination for state employees bill, was killed in committee.  If passed, SB248 would have prevented our state employees from being discriminated against based on a number of factors, including sexual orientation and gender identity.  

It's devastating that our Republican colleagues in the Senate opposed a measure that would have permanently protected our state employees from discrimination.  How can we make Virginia the best place in which to do business if we don't start with protecting our state employees?  

Click here to tell Senate Republicans that you supported SB248 and that making Virginia the best state to do business in means protecting all of our employees.  Add your name now! 



signature  Sen. Ebbin Signature

Sen. Donald McEachin  Sen. Adam Ebbin 


PS: We need as many signatures as possible! Please forward this email to five of your friends! 


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