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Right Wingers, Homophobes Go Nuts on Cooch’s Facebook Page Over Herring Gay Marriage Announcement


As you’re probably aware, the far-right, theocratic, and otherwise cuckoo-for-Cocoa-Puffs wing of the Virginia Republican Party is in full meltdown mode over Attorney General Mark Herring’s gay marriage announcement the other day. Case in point: Ken Cuccinelli’s Facebook page, and specifically the comments in reaction to his posting of the image to the far right (appropriately enough) of this post. Check out a few examples of the insanity below, not to mention the utter idiocy (e.g., English grammar totally optional and typos mandatory, such as spelling “liar” as “lier;” “riddled” as “riddeled;” “election” as “Ellection;” “Presidential” as “Presidental;” “break” as “brake;” etc.; etc.) and anti-LGBT hysteria. Craaaaaaaazy!

Allegations of Democrats Stealing the Election via “Voter Fraud,” etc.

*”i knew this was going to happen the moment i saw how the elections were riddeled with voter fraud. they wish to push their anti gun, pro abortion and pro gay agenda as quickly as possible.”

*”I would not be surprised if these elections were rigged. Obama, was not elected with majority.”

*”We MUST clean up VOTER FRAUD=NOW, BEFORE the Upcomeing Nov. 2014 Election’s, & the 2016 Presidental Ellection!!! NOW!”

*”if we do not stand to liberals and their affinity to brake the law and cause voter fraud we will have a divided and destroyed United States.”

*”Thank God Glenn Beck exposed the fraud between Libertarians and the Democrats.”

*”DC has taken over our state and I think the election here in NOV. was all about FRAUD !!!!!”

Northern Virginia Needs to Go!

*”Man, what a sad time for VA. It sickens me to see such a great state turning into one of the liberal petri dishes of the north. NOVA just needs to be given to DC.”

*”If Fairfax would join DC and leave Virginia we would be a much different state … large percent of people in N VA are imports and bring the NJ NY mindset with them …..”

*”Can the Commonwelth rid Themselves of Fairfax and Arlington counties then we would be Red Again need to start a remove Northern VA from the rest of VA.”

*”Take Arlington and separate it from the rest of the state and give Arlington to DC. Problem solved.”

*”Good job North Va. You screwed the real Virginians!”

Don’t Ask Me How, but It Relates to Obama!!!

*”Well, now Obama has his own little puppet AG.”

*”There’s an agenda going on here and apparently only some of us see it. I didn’t vote for Obama or any democrats in Va. I find it hard to believe after the first 4 years went bad, Obama was elected again.”

*”Those oaths used to mean something, until Obama took office.”

*”So help me Obama.”

*”If he doesn’t support the constitution SOMEONE better bring him up on treason charges and let let him destroy our state like Obama is destroying our country and no one is stopping him.”

*”Herring is an obamazombie. He is a disgrace and should be impeached immediately…”

*”Didn’t Obama take the same oath???”

*”He swears to support the laws he likes- just like Eric Holder and Obama!”

*”Youll be Obamas enemy for taking that oath”

On and on it goes, and all in response to…what again? Oh yeah, to Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring concluding that discriminating against an entire group of U.S. citizens because of their sexual orientation violates the U.S. constitution (which, of course, trumps the Virginia constitution). As Herring explained, Virginia’s “ban on marriage between same sex couples violates the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution on two grounds: marriage is a fundamental right being denied to some Virginians, and the ban unlawfully discriminates on the basis of both sexual orientation and gender.” Honestly, I’m not sure how anyone can come up with an intellectually serious case for how discrimination IS constitutional, but I guess we’ll find out as this issue continues to work its way through courts all across America. Including right here in Virginia.

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