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“Sideshow Bob” Tirade: Mark Herring Gay Marriage Decision a “Pearl Harbor” Attack on Virginia


NOTE: Make sure to check out the Kojo Nnamdi Show; hilarious stuff today!

A few classic quotes by crazy, extremist Delegate “Sideshow” Bob Marshall (R, of course) from his interview on the Kojo Nnamdi Show’s Politics Hour a bit earlier today. Even by “Sideshow Bob” standards, this is crazy. I’m talking Dick Black/Eugene Delgaudio-level crazy. A few classic quotes by “Sideshow Bob,” responding to questions about Attorney General Mark Herring’s (correct) decision that the Marshall-Newman/anti-gay-marriage amendment violates the U.S. constitution:

*Should Moses and Jesus apologize to anybody for affirming that marriage is between one man and one woman?”

*”I mean, who’s Mark Herring, Louis XIV…Why didn’t he tell everybody when he was running for office what he was doing, no he kept this very cleverly to himself and sprung this like a Pearl Harbor attack on the people of Virginia after he takes an oath to defend the constitution.”

*”Let me tell you what’s going on: Republicans for years now have been wanting to duck all these social issues, and their refusal to face up to this….their refusal to frame the issue in terms that the people understand the common good – because marriage is most essentially beneficial to the common good…”

*”Who gave [Mark Herring] the ability to become prince, prophet, and wordmaster? Nobody. This is a total act on his own effort to take power to himself.”

*[Yelling at Christina Bellantoni, sitting in for Kojo Nnamdi as host of the show] “OH GET OFF IT, DON’T TELL ME THAT [Marshall’s anti-gay-marriage amendment has created hardship for same-sex couples in Virginia]…you can do anything you want, [but] you can’t pretend you’re married if it’s two guys.”

*“The advocates for this are the gay, lesbian, BISEXUAL and transgendered…well the bisexuals have to have at least one of each to be satisfied. Don’t tell me this is not coming. This is to attack and undermine the most fundamental relationship between human beings that comes directly from the creator and ought to be protected by the laws of man.”


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