Some Rumors about DPVA


    (Note: The information below is simply a rumor I have heard. It hasn’t been verified, but it’s interesting, nonetheless.)

    Many of us have been wondering just what the DPVA will look like and how it will be functioning as we approach the November 2014 elections for the House of Representatives and the re-election of Sen. Mark Warner, given the resignations of the Executive Director, the Political Director, and the Chair. As you know, Charniele Herring is resigning to run for the 8th District seat being vacated by Jim Moran. That leaves a vacancy that needs to be filled as soon as possible, so that the DPVA can hire staff, especially a new Executive Director.

    I have heard that Del. Herring will continue to see that the Chair’s duties are fulfilled, pending the election of a new Chair at the March Central Committee meeting. I also have heard that the selection of a new ED will be done by the incoming Chair with Steering Committee approval, which makes much more sense than Del. Herring selecting the ED.

    Perhaps the best news I have gotten, if it is accurate, is that the election of the Chair is open at present, not a “done deal” as has been the practice so often in the past. So, if that is true, who would you like to see as the next Chair of the DPVA? One name occurred to me – Aneesh Chopra. Any other ideas?

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