Vulture Capitalist Paints Target on Own Back


    The 0.1%ers are clearly frightened, as well they should be. The subject of Paul Krugman’s article in today’s New York Times has just painted a big target on the back of his fellow vulture capitalists.

    Most vulture capitalists created nothing. They transfer wealth from the 99.9% to themselves, but fail to take on any of the costs of running the country. By killing the poor and middle class, they’ve also slaughtered the goose that has reliably been laying their golden eggs .

    We’ve now reached a point of impoverishment in which most people have no surplus  money. Not one thin dime, to spend on anything. Rich people just hoard the money and gloat. The picture of  Mitt with his vulture capitalist pals perfectly illustrates the problem.

    The Tenth of One Percenters do spend a considerable amount of money inciting hate of one group against another. The problem is, they’ve gone so far that there is practically no one left who hasn’t been assigned to a demonized group. Women. African-Anericans. The unemployed. Poor people. LGBT. Single people. Sexually active people. Poor mothers. Working mothers. Non-evangelicals. Sick people. Injured people. Old people. And now veterans.

    Ask yourself:  how many of these demonized groups do you fit in?  And who is the leader of the band that created this mess?

    No wonder they are afraid.  

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