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The Garbage Sam Rasoul Had to Overcome to Win His Race Last Night


The following flyer (click to “embiggen”) is the type of garbage Sam Rasoul had to put up with in his race (which he won overwhelminngly last night) for House of Delegates in Roanoke City. Other than the Islamophobia and anti-Arab insinuations, this flyer – paid for by the Republican Party of Virginia, no less – is utterly idiotic in another sense: it turns out that Yaqub Mirza and his company Mar-Jac Investments have donated heavily to Virginia Republicans, like Sen. Dick Black, Del. Tom Rust, and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, over the years. So…if it’s a terrible thing that Mirza is (supposedly) “linked to ‘known Al Qaeda financiers'” when it comes to Sam Rasoul, then presumably it’s also a terrible thing when it comes to Dick Black, Ken Cuccinelli, and Tom Rust? Yeah, I know, it’s called “logic,” not something the Republican Party tends to care about. Anyway, I’m glad to see the voters of Roanoke City overwhelmingly rejecting this trash campaigning by the Republican Party of Virginia. Nice job, Roanoke City voters! 🙂

  • PassionateJus


    Anyone now what’s up with this?


  • glennbear

    I find it quite telling that three of the four “sources” listed on this trash card are RWNJ organizations, NRO and WND. As you point out the contributions to their own candidates are not mentioned.  

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    The photo of Sam was used, without permission, by taking it from the Roanoke Free Press website. It was taken by Valerie Garner during Sam’s 2008 run against Bob Goodlatte.  

  • kindler

    Right-wingers are not going to stop being jerks, so we just need to keep getting better at making sure we get the last laugh.

  • FreeDem

    The DPVA needs to seriously consider a lawsuit over this mailing.

    By having this paid for the Republican Party, and not a candidate’s campaign, there’s a higher level of legal risk and exposure.

    The DPVA is familiar with this from some bad situations in years past.

    As explained to me, the fear of the DPVA in the last few cycles was that without Kaine in the Governor’s office, their fundraising potential was severely limited. They wanted to be extra cautious to avoid any legal costs.

    Democrats now control all statewide offices. We are entering a campaign cycle in which Democrats will heavily outraise and outspend Republicans. Speaker Howell and his allies are the only main source of fundraising for the Republican Party, and we just saw him flush thousands of dollars down the drain in this special election.

    It’s time to leverage our advantage. Take the Republicans to court. Tie them up with legal fees. Burn them so they are more cautious going into 2015.