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Video: Top VA GOP Donor Tells Sec. State John Kerry to “Leave the Jews Alone”


More insanity from Pat Robertson, who has given $730,000 to Virginia Republicans over the years. This time, he claims that climate change is a myth created by money-hungry scientists (I’m not making this up; see video on the “flip”). As if that’s not insane enough, Robertson also tells Secretary of State John Kerry to “leave the Jews alone” (for trying to broker an Arab-Israel peace deal that actually would be very much in the interests of “the Jews”) and that Kerry’s efforts at achieving said peace deal invite “the wrath of Almighty God.”

Yes, the guy’s an insane, raving theocrat who we should all just ignore. Except that he’s also a big-time Republican donor (and note that not a single recipient of that largess has condemned any of Robertson’s bigoted, extreme, insane remarks over the years), a close friend of Virginia Governor “Bobby” (that’s what Robertson calls him) McDonnell, a former GOP presidential candidate, and a man who speaks for millions of Republicans (the theocratic wing of the party) across the country. That’s why it matters.

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