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Comstock Endorsed by Far-Right-Wing Bigot Who Called Obama a “Skinny, Ghetto Crackhead”


Yes, 10th CD Republican candidate Barbara Comstock really is touting an endorsement by right-wing extremist and raving bigot Brent Bozell. This is the guy who said:

How long do you think Sean Hannity’s show would last if four times in one sentence he made a comment about the president of the United States and said that he looked like a skinny ghetto crackhead – which by the way, you might want to say that Barack Obama does!

A few other examples of Bozell’s hateful, angry rhetoric? How about these?

*”When First Lady Michelle Obama invited the rapper Common to the White House for a poetry event, Bozell responded by accusing the Obamas of ‘surrounding themselves with … anti-American, American hating people.'”

*”The Hartford Courant quoted Bozell as saying that ‘the gay agenda endorses the right of gays to marry and teach children, and that’s in utter opposition to mainstream America.‘”

*”After ABC aired an episode of Ellen which featured Ellen DeGeneres coming out of the closet, Bozell said of the show: ‘There’s this sense almost of horror … there are some elements in Hollywood who are bent, come hell or high water, on thrusting garbage down the throats of children.'”

*”Why can’t a single primetime show say — with no strings attached — that homosexuality is morally wrong?”

*President Obama is supposedly “the single most radical, left-wing president in the History of the United States.”

As if that’s not bad enough, Bozell alsohelped orchestrate the smear campaign directed at the opposition to Clarence Thomas’s appointment to the Supreme Court in 1991” and “attempted to smear John Kerry by accusing him of ‘soldier-smearing’, for having reported, during his 1971 Congressional testimony, on atrocities being committed in Vietnam.” Bozell’s also a climate science denier (“If Americans are growing skeptical of global warming, it’s not due to Al Gore’s army in the newsrooms of the Old Media. It’s the impact of the New Media, daring to expose how ‘science’ is being manipulated and exaggerated to bring about a massive socialist intervention in our economy“). And as this article points out, “Even for someone prone to being so hateful in public, Bozell’s behavior in recent months stands out — and particularly in the past couple of weeks — in its viciousness and disregard for the reputation of his organization.” For instance, “Bozell’s most recent blast of over-the-top vitriol came earlier this week with a tweet about CNN anchor Anderson Cooper’s admission that he’s gay: ‘Can @andersoncooper give us his expert opinion on teabagging now?'”

After reading all this bizarre, hate-filled, paranoid raving, I encourage you to ponder the information I provided at the start of this piece: 10th CD Republican candidate Barbara Comstock is actually touting her endorsement by Brent Bozell. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, though, since Comstock was also proud to be endorsed by right-wing hate radio host Mark Levin – yes, this guy. In sum, Barbara Comstock appears to be perfectly simpatico with nuts like Bozell and Levin. Is that the type of extremism and divisiveness voters of the 10th CD want? I sure hope not.


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