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Former Virginia Partisans President Josh Israel Has an Announcement for the 8th CD


Thanks to my friend Josh Israel (President of the Virginia Partisans from 2002 to 2006; now senior investigative reporter for ThinkProgress.org) for his excellent announcement, and for his even-more-excellent snarkiness. Alas, he would have made a fine, albeit snarky, candidate for Congress. Anyway, here’s his announcement. 😉

While I have been flattered by the zero people who have encouraged me to run to replace our devoted Congressman Jim Moran, I will not be a candidate for his seat this November.

This decision comes, in part, because I will no longer be living in the 8th District and believe that — while not legally required — the district would be better represented by one of its legal residents.  Additionally, without a  home in the 8th District, my only likely primary voter — myself — would be legally prohibited from casting a vote for me.

While I will not be running, I continue to believe that progressive values are important in Washington, DC.  I know that one of the other fine candidates will fight for those values as the new 8th District Representative.

Finally, I’d like to note that I don’t care for Justin Bieber’s music and stand with our senior Senator in hoping that the nation’s broken immigration laws are applied equally to him (if he’s convicted of the crimes he’s been charged with) as to thousands of others who don’t have the millions of dollars he has at his disposal.

P.S. If I were going to rank Josh Israel on my 8 criteria, he’d get “A”s across the board! 😉


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