Patrick Hope to Obama: 1% Federal Pay Raise Inadequate


    Patrick Hope to President Obama: Pay Raises for Federal Workers and Military Personnel Step in the Right Direction, but Inadequate

    Richmond, VA- On Wednesday, Delegate Patrick Hope (D-47), running for Congress in Virginia’s 8th Congressional District, issued the following statement in regards to President Obama’s proposed pay increase for federal employees and military personnel included in his fiscal 2015 budget.

    “Federal employees make up a significant portion of our workforce, both in the House of Delegates district I’ve been honored to represent since being elected in 2009 and in the 8th Congressional District.  After a three-year pay freeze and furloughs caused by political brinksmanship, I appreciate the President proposing a pay raise, but believe a 1% raise is inadequate.  Federal workers and members of the military are essential to keeping us safe and making government work, and a pay increase of only 1% is simply not enough given what these employees have gone through the past several years.”

    “In Congress, I will support annual pay raises for federal workers and military personnel that, at the very least, index to inflation.  I pledge to never play politics with the paychecks of millions of hardworking Americans, like we saw in last year’s government shutdown.  In order to most effectively advocate for our federal employees, I will seek a seat on the House Education and Workforce Committee.”

    “Our federal workforce is composed of intelligent, hard-working, and patriotic Americans, and it’s about time Congress recognized that with compensation packages that reflect our nation’s gratitude to these employees.”


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