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PHOTOS: Virginia Women Visit Virginia Senate To Tell Senator Martin Women are People, Not “Hosts”


From Anna Scholl of Progress Virginia:

Comments are latest example of disregard for women’s health care 

Richmond, VA – Virginia women visited the gallery of the Virginia Senate today to stage a silent protest against Senator Martin’s recent comments referring to pregnant women as merely a “host.” The women wore shirts emblazoned with “Not A Host” as they sat in the gallery.

Four female Senators criticized Senator Martin’s callous remarks on the floor, calling his comments insulting and misogynistic .

“Senator Martin’s offensive comments are merely a symptom of the disregard and disrespect anti-choice politicians show Virginia women,” said ProgressVA executive director Anna Scholl. “Virginia women deserve better than politicians who dismiss their reproductive rights and throw up barriers to access for reproductive health care.”

“Senator Martin was brazen enough to make his views public, but politicians in Virginia are working behind the scenes to restrict women’s access to reproductive care,” said Tarina Keene, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia. “Anti-choice politicians are championing measures in the Virginia budget to cut men and women from accessing high quality care at Planned Parenthood, force low-income women to carry a severely incapacitated fetus to term, and block over 100,000 women of reproductive age from accessing affordable health care.”




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