Republican Party of VA Treasurer Uses Virulently Misogynistic Phrase


    Kudos to Chris of Mason Conservative for calling out Republican Party of Virginia Treasurer Bob Fitzsimmonds for using a disgusting, misogynistic expression. I’d prefer not to write it or say it, as it’s so repulsive. If you’re interested, it is defined as a “vulgar synonym for the human vulva, but is more widely used as a derogatory epithet.” {NOTE: See screen shots to the right and on the “flip;” click to “embiggen.” Also, check out the Mason Conservative comments section, as it’s highly revealing of the far-right-wing mindset]

    I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised, sadly, as this is the same, top Virginia GOP official who also wrote that “When Obama is 90 years old and he dies and goes to Hell, he is going to say ‘This is all Bush’s fault.'” Oh yeah, and let’s not forget the NLS interview with Fitzsimmonds – who, by the way, has been a close ally and advisor to 2013 Virginia GOP gubernatorial nominee Ken Cuccinelli for many years – in which Fitzsimmonds ranted about sex education, about how “we’re on the trajectory for 50% of the American people to have herpes,” about how he’s “not a big fan of contraception, frankly,” and how “there are some issues with giving morning-after pills to 12 year olds, and pretty soon I guess we’ll hand them out to babies, I don’t know.” Are we surprised that someone like that would use a nasty, misogynistic phrase on Facebook? More to the point, are we surprised that this guy has STILL not been fired from his position as Treasurer of the Republican Party of Virginia?!?

    P.S. What is this, misogyny week in the Virginia GOP, first with Sen. Steve Martin  (R) referring to pregnant women as “hosts” and now this?!?

    P.P.S. You’ve also gotta love Fitzsimmond’s non-apology “apology,” in which he claims he says he “would not have used such a word deliberately” (apparently, his keyboard types by itself). Also note that his classic pseudo-apology goes out to “anyone who was offended.”


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