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Virginia News Headlines: Wednesday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, February 26.

*GOP on Arizona gay law: Make it go away

(The GOP makes this monstrosity, now wants to make it go away? Brilliant!)

*Eric Cantor’s Foreign-Policy Ideas Would Consign Us to Perpetual War (“The House majority leader believes U.S. forces left Iraq and Afghanistan too early and that America should be more involved almost everywhere else.”)

*CNN guest roasts Va. Republican: ‘Are you wrapping your homophobia around the Bible?’

*Clean water vs. 21 dirty states (“The Dirty 21 have joined the American Farm Bureau Federation – and builders; chicken, turkey, pork and corn producers; as well as fertilizer makers – in opposing a pollution-reduction plan finalized only after a lawsuit by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.”)

*Closing Terry McAuliffe’s Inner Circle (“The new Virginia governor’s Cabinet picks were highly strategic, bipartisan, and nearly opaque. Whom does he rely on for real advice? Here’s a rundown of his closest associates.”)

*Virginia: Donors Revolt Over Lind Joining Congressional Race (The dysfunctional 10th CD Republicans continue to be…dysfunctional. Shocker.)

*House holds back on Cabinet confirmations (“the Senate Privileges and Elections Committee on Tuesday approved a slate of gubernatorial appointments. They included Boyd Marcus…” Barf.)

*Schapiro: House GOP reconciles its rhetoric with reality

*Paul Ryan stumps in Richmond (Lyin’ Ryan and Eric Can’tor, what a combination! Just remember, these two guys “lead” the wackos who are responsible for a lot of the problems we face as a country.)

*McAuliffe seeks tobacco commission’s spending records

*Kaine sets hearing on Lebanon

*GOP’s Bloxom wins Va. House race in 100th District (Total #FAIL in an Obama/Kaine/McAuliffe district we could have/should have won.)

*LGBT Group Picks Sides in Crowded Northern Virginia Race

*What happens if there’s no General Assembly compromise on Medicaid expansion?

*Virginia makes $3 million+ a year on inmate phone calls

*Norfolk schools superintendent abandons charter plan

*Del. Toscano’s Wife Allegedly Attacked in Their Home (Yikes – scary!)

*In visit to Eustis, Secretary Hagel explains proposed military cuts

*Property tax rate in Fairfax County could jump to bridge budget gap

*Morning commute may turn messy

as snow moves into the D.C. region
(“If you were hoping winter would ride off into the sunset, this forecast isn’t for you.”)


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