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Video: Your Weekly Dose of Virginia Republican Paranoia, Wackiness, Idiocy


For their weekly address, Virginia Republicans roll out standard-issue right wingnut Sen. Richard Stuart. You’d expect “teh crazy” from this guy, and in this address, he certainly doesn’t disappoint. A few highlights lowlights:

*First, he whines/rants that “Senate Democrats ignored the Rules and longstanding precedent to seize control” of the State Senate, completely ignoring the fact that Republicans did the exact same thing 2 years ago (“Republicans seized control of an equally divided Senate on the first day of the General Assembly session Wednesday, relying on arcane maneuvers to take over the last part of the state government they didn’t already control.”). Did he complain 2 years ago? Of course not. #FAIL

*He goes on the expected anti-Obama rant, claiming: “President Obama has been unable to convince Congress to go enact his agenda. So now, he has declared that he will enact it himself, overriding the power vested in the people’s elected representatives to enact policies as he sees fit.” He’s talking about executive orders, and the fact is that Obama’s issuing them at the LOWEST rate since Grover Cleveland was in the White House in the late 1800s. Also note that Republican presidents have issued more executive orders on average than Democratic presidents. Sen. Stuart doesn’t mention any of those inconvenient facts, of course, as yet again “reality has a liberal bias.” Heh.

*Stuart froths at his spittle-flecked mouth that Attorney General Mark Herring’s “abandonment of the rule of law and disregard for constitutional government threatens all of us,” that the “President, Virginia’s Attorney General, and now the entire Senate Democratic Caucus have all determined that the law will be what they say it is,” and that all these supposed horrors “[establish] a precedent that could infect government for generations to come, undermining public confidence and diminishing respect for our most cherished institutions of democracy.” Of course, none of what Sen. Stuart says in the slightest bit true, but that never stopped a right-wing Republican now did it?


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