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Virginia News Headlines: Friday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, February 28. Also, great job by Del. Rob Krupicka (D-Alexandria) calling out Virginia GOP hypocrisy over Medicaid expansion and health care coverage in general.

*Armed men take control of 2 Crimean airports (“Ukraine official says men in uniforms without insignia are Russian troops and calls the seizures ‘an armed invasion.'”)

*Conservatives vow to press on despite defeat in Arizona (Birds gonna fly, fish gonna swim, bigots gonna be bigots.)

*Republicans deal with a tea party hangover (It’s not just a “hangover,” it’s still very much going on. Also, many Republicans are not really any different than Tea Partiers, except perhaps in tactics to a degree.)

*I lost my dad to Fox News: How a generation was captured by thrashing hysteria (“Old white people are drowning in despair and rage. Here’s how my father lost his mind — thanks to his cable diet”)

*Sen. Kaine accuses Syria’s leader of war crimes (No doubt about that, the question is what to do about it.)

*My Brother’s Keeper: A helping hand for young men of color (Obama’s “new plan is a good start in fighting racism.”)

*Virginia’s ethics bill won’t rein in Richmond’s common excesses (I’d argue this bill is actually worse than nothing, as it makes is SEEM like they’re doing something about ethics reform – thus potentially taking the political pressure off to do something serious – when they most certainly are not.)

*Senate Democrats offer Medicaid audit (“Compromise sought on extending care coverage”)

*Pregnant women as hosts? Sure, state Sen. Stephen Martin, why not?

*Fracking, teen-tanning bills shelved by Assembly panel

*Equal Rights Amendment rejected again in Virginia House (“Nearly every year, the commonwealth introduces a proposal to ratify the ERA, which was adopted by Congress in 1972. The bill was killed on a 5-2 party line vote.” Republicans and women’s rights simply don’t mix.)

*Our view: Defense options all nuclear in Va.

*House OKs McAuliffe Cabinet choices

*Warner, Kaine call on Chinese drywall firm to reimburse Virginians

*A gamble Virginia shouldn’t take (“Virginia has long opposed gambling, mostly on moral grounds. But there’s a sound fiscal reason not to join the game: It’s a sucker’s bet. Just ask Delaware – and, in a few years, the other states that will be scrambling to prop up failed ventures.”)

*Bill likely to raise Va. consumers’ utility bills shows Dominion’s power (“The bill would let the company write off expenses as research instead of giving customers refunds.” Lovely.)

*Update: House Speaker, VA. GOP chair want treasurer to resign over ‘sexist’ remark

*Newport News to work on carrier George Washington, no matter what

*Indecision is the wrong decision on light rail (“Virginia Beach officials are weighing three proposals to bring light rail to the city. Their recommendations will help the City Council determine whether to extend Norfolk’s electric train line, embrace new solar-powered technology or gamble that waiting a few years will result in technological advances and reduced costs.”)

*Regardless of Chesapeake deal, Portsmouth wants bridge taxes

*Toscanos: Suspect in attack developed an ‘unsettling interest’ in family

*Cuccinelli starts firm defending gun rights (“Va. ex-attorney general, 3 partners work for bargain retainers for people charged in self-defense cases.” My hero! LOL)

*Should Loudoun County still be paying the @@@skins $500,000 per year? (Not just no – hell no!)

*A chilly – but sunny – Friday; yet another winter storm looms Sunday (“Cold, but calm today as we look ahead to what could be a messy Sunday.”)


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