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Why Why Why Why Why, 1,000 Times Why “Debate” Climate Science?!?


The only thing I’d add to the following brilliant essay, by Charles P. Pierce of Esquire, is that nobody – Bill Nye or anybody else – should be lending legitimacy to climate science deniers — or evolution science deniers or 9/11 deniers or Holocaust deniers — or any other ignorant/evil a**holes by “debating” them. Oh yeah, and I guess I’d also add that normal, sane people – let alone the President of the United States – shouldn’t be giving right-wing nutjobs and trolls like Bill O’Reilly legitimacy either by agreeing to be “interviewed” (actually yelled at) by them. Why, why, why, why, why, a thousands times why, does anyone do this?!? (note: bolding added by me for emphasis)

This week, a Very Special Episode of How We’re Fked As A Species.

Centuries from now, when the several remaining humans are huddled around a dwindling fire and pondering how each of them will kill the others and eat their still-warm flesh, the most boring among the remnant will pose the question, “Who is to blame for all of this?” Someone will mention the Koch Brothers. Someone else will bring up BP, and maybe our old friend, the Keystone XL pipeline will get a moan-out while the silent one in the corner sizes up the available rocks and studies the heads of his companions. If I’m not around, I hope at least one of them will summon up his last remaining breath and say, “The noodlebrained bag of useless flesh named David Gregory,” before collapsing in a heap in the corner, whence he will awaken an hour later to find one of his companions sizing up his quadriceps for a light snack.

Yesterday, and I am not exaggerating a bit here, David Gregory and the Meet The Press gang presented the definitive argument not only for their mutual expulsion from the company of sentient primates, but also the single best example of why the entire elite political class of this country is one day going to be subject to a massive class-action negligence suit on the part of whatever rodents are left. Let us stipulate from the outset — among the people who actually know what they’re talking about, there is no debate about climate change. None. It is occurring. Humans are exacerbating it at an unacceptable rate and, if something isn’t done, beachfront property in Indianapolis one day is going to be at a premium. Neither political party has shown itself overly willing to confront this reality, but only one of them mocks the science and slanders the scientists. Having largely ignored the primary environmental issue of the past millennium, the Dancin’ Master decides to take the bull by the ass and stage a “debate” between Bill Nye, a mechanical engineer turned television science guy, and Marsha Blackburn, a congresswoman from Tennessee with a BS from Mississippi State. The rodents are going to have a helluva case, I’m thinking.

Yep, the rodents. And the cockroaches too, who will be one of the few varieties of fauna left after our fine species (exemplified by imbeciles like Marsha Blackburn – who, it should be noted, has received over $300,000 from the oil and gas industry – the egregious David Gregory, and the utterly inarticulate/airheaded Chuck Todd) finishes wiping out most of the species on Earth, quite possibly including our own. Heckuva job…


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