Women for Don Beyer event on Monday drew 100 supporters


    One hundred “Women for Beyer” rallied around former Lieutenant Governor Don Beyer Monday in Falls Church to tout Beyer’s record on numerous issues of special importance to women.

    Beyer, who was Lieutenant Governor from 1990 to 1998 and in public service overseas during the first Obama administration, is running for Congress in Virginia’s 8th district.

    Kate Michelman, president emeritus of NARAL Pro-Choice America, spoke of Beyer’s record on reproductive rights and more.  “Don understands that unless women are elevated in every way — equal pay, health care, education, their reproductive choices — that our country will be the weaker and the poorer,” she said.

    Other speakers addressed Beyer’s record on women’s economic leadership, citing a bilateral project he instituted in Switzerland, his work on behalf of persons with disabilities, and his record as a businessman, including being one of the first auto dealers in the nation to enact paid maternity leave.

    Beyer’s track record also includes initiatives to stop teen pregnancy, working to break the cycle of child sexual assault, and partnering with George Washington University to assess best corporate practices for attracting and promoting women.


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