Caption Contest: Virginia GOP Senators Warmly Welcome Russian Delegation


    This definitely seems worth a caption contest. Yesterday, a Virginia Republican Senator (Ryan McDougle) yesterday warmly welcomed a delegation from our fine ally (er, not), Russia, just as that country is in the middle of threatening/invading its neighbor, Ukraine, and just as Republicans are bashing President Obama for supposedly being “weak” or whatever and demanding that we do…god knows what, but something STRONG against Russia. Normally, I’d say it’s great that we’re welcoming delegations from other countries, and I actually don’t have a problem with it in this case either. I just find it amusing (ironic? a bit…weird?) to see a bunch of Virginia Republicans warmly welcome a delegation from Russia at this time, given Republicans’ fiery rhetoric at the national level. Also, if Barack Obama “warmly welcomed” a Russian delegation right now, Republicans would certainly raise holy hell about that. Anyway, your thoughts?

    P.S. Obviously, Virginia Democratic Senators also warmly welcomed the Russian delegation, so it’s not just Republicans. At least Democrats aren’t warmongering

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