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Foust Hits Comstock for “false partisan attack,” “complete misunderstanding of…budget process”


From the John Foust for Congress campaign:


Friends –

This is the email I sent to Delegate Comstock a few minutes ago.


Delegate Comstock –

Your recent email is a big part of the problem with politics today. Instead of a responsible debate on the issues, it represents a false partisan attack and a complete misunderstanding of the County’s budget process.

First the facts: I did not vote to raise taxes on Tuesday. You were wrong about that, and you have a responsibility to admit your mistake and set the record straight. What I voted for was a cap on property taxes – agreed to by Republicans and Democrats working together. When we do pass our budget later in the year, I will continue playing the role of advocate for balanced, common sense budget solutions, such as cutting wasteful spending, so we can invest in areas that create jobs like education and infrastructure.

In fact, I think Washington and Richmond could learn a few things from the Fairfax Board of Supervisors. Here, Republicans and Democrats have worked together to find solutions to our challenges – like protecting our quality of life, ensuring world class schools, and holding the line on taxes.

In 2009, after solving the largest budget shortfall in County history, The Washington Post praised our budget work as an “effective, unanimously approved compromise that protects human services without raising taxes.” (emphasis added)

I would also like to add that one of the great challenges this year for the Board of Supervisors when setting our budget will be cleaning up the mess you made in Richmond. Last year, you voted against a 2% raise for teachers and against the bipartisan transportation package. You have failed to bring back to Northern Virginia a fair share of the revenues we send to Richmond. Our constituents actually want good schools and shorter commutes, so it’s all fallen to our Board of Supervisors to provide the leadership you aren’t giving us in Richmond.

I know you have a difficult primary in front of you and I know you are eager to campaign. But I will remain focused on my job – leading our bipartisan, responsible, local budget process, and cleaning up the mess you made in Richmond. In the meantime, let’s try to stick to facts instead of false, partisan attacks.

Best Wishes,

Supervisor John Foust

PS: If any of you copied on this email want to support the responsible approach I bring to public service, you can contribute to my campaign here.







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