Ed Gillespie: The “this event is closed to the press” Candidate


    Good question by DPVA (possible answer: because when Gillespie IS videotaped, he says embarrassing stuff like in the video I’ve embedded here – lol). 

    Why is Ed Hiding?

    Richmond — This week, like every other week, you are unlikely to find Ed Gillespie publicly campaigning in the Commonwealth. Since declaring his candidacy in January, Ed has continued to hide from the Virginia press corps and he consistently refuses to answer even the most basic questions on issues such as health care and equal pay. In the event that any Virginia reporters spot him, here are just some of the questions Ed continues to dodge:         

    • As a high-priced lobbyist, Ed advocated for expanding Medicaid to help families pay for his individual insurance mandate. Where does Ed stand today on closing the health care coverage gap for 400,000 uninsured working Virginians?
    • Where does Ed stand on raising the minimum wage, and equal pay for women? 
    • Where does Ed stand on Virginia Republican efforts to enact laws limiting a woman's right to choose, and the law requiring ultrasounds?  

    "Since January, Ed says he has been holding events across the Commonwealth but one thing sticks out. Few, if any, Gillespie events have been open to the media. Even the recent opening of his campaign headquarters included this advisory: 'This event is closed to the press and any unauthorized filming or recording of the event is prohibited. These policies will be strictly enforced.' If Ed Gillespie is serious about being representing Virginians in the Senate, it's time for him to come out of hiding,"said DPVA Spokesperson Ashley Bauman.

    Gillespie, a former DC lobbyist and spokesman-for-hire, only appears comfortable speaking with out-of-state talk radio hosts and right-wing media organizations. Over the next week, we will continue to highlight Ed's apparent reluctance to make himself available to Virginia news reporters.  


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