Yankees Fans Dominate Much of Virginia; Nationals the Favorite in NOVA


    Baseball season is about to begin, which makes me very happy for a couple reasons: 1) it means that spring is really here, after a horrible winter; and 2) baseball is my favorite sport, followed by NHL hockey, with the NFL and NBA not even distant runner ups in my book. 🙂  Anyway, I found this analysis by Facebook of which teams are most “liked” in different parts of the country. It turns out that here in Virginia, the Yankees (color-coded black on the map) – seriously?!? – are the favorite team in vast swaths of Virginia outside of Northern Virginia (with the exception of Yankees-loving Loudoun; hey, what’s up with that?!?). Except, that is, for southwestern Virginia, where the Atlanta Braves are the fan favorite. All I have to say about that is: go Nats! 🙂

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