E.W. Jackson Warns: “Rising Tide of Homosexual Intolerance” Could Cost Christians Their Lives


    Even by E.W. Jackson’s low, low standards, his latest ravings are seriously unhinged. Jackson’s key points:

    *LGBT Americans standing up for their equal rights under our Constitution are actually, in Jackson’s view, the ones who are the persecutors and even bigots, making it “a liability to be a Bible-believing Christian in America.”

    *Homosexuality is wrong, in Jackson’s learned view, because it says so in the Bible. Of course, Jackson fails to mention the gazillion things in the Bible that we would never even think of adhering to today, like the 76 things banned in Leviticus (e.g., eating fat or shellfish or pork, going to church within 33 days after giving birth to a boy or 66 days after giving birth to a girl, mixing fabrics in clothing, sleeping with another man’s slave – yes there was lots of slavery in the Bible’s time, trimming your beard, selling land permanently…).

    *Being told you can’t discriminate against people you don’t like raises the questions: “Is recognition of legitimate First Amendment interests a thing of the past? Is the Providence of God in which our Founding Fathers so deeply believed to be cast on the ash heap of history?”

    *”{H}omosexual behavior cannot be compared with the color of one’s skin, no matter how vigorously elites try to conflate them.” Actually, the scientific evidence indicates that homosexuality has a genetic basis, just as the color of one’s skin does.

    *”{I}n spite of liberals and homosexual activists slanderously likening our stand to slavery and Jim Crow, we will continue to love them and, at the same time, oppose their efforts to make us bow to same-sex marriage.” Ee gads, now E.W.’s really getting worked into a fine lather.

    *In conclusion: “In the past, standing up for the truth of God’s word has cost Christians their jobs, businesses, reputations and even their lives. It may come to that again, but we will never be silent, and we will not bow.” That’s right, the “rising tide of homosexual intolerance” – as the headline of Jackson’s op-ed reads – could ultimately cost Christians their lives.

    And yes, this lunatic really WAS nominated by Virginia Republicans to be their candidate for Lieutenant Governor. Seriously, they really did that. Remind me again, why does anybody take this party in any way seriously?

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