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Furious Virginia Conservative Calls for Operation Chaos 2.0: “vote Democrat this year”


Presented without further comment, while I go microwave myself up a few big batches of popcorn! 🙂

It looks like Frank Wagner’s despicable slating tactic to nullify any and all participation in the state and local politics by actual conservatives is spreading.  I am hearing this could happen in the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th districts as well.  So instead of trying to work together and broaden the party, the Establishment all over Virginia has made it pretty clear that they only want either paid lackeys or bootlickers running the local committees.  So if they continue to do this, there isn’t much we can do.

Or is there.

What I propose is if the Establishment here in Virginia continues to use this tactic in order to disenfranchise any person who doesn’t toe the line, we vote Democrat this year.  Just this once.  Consider this Operation Chaos 2.0. If they don’t want us, lets see how they will feel if vote against them?  This a free country and in my opinion, it is the duty of the party to serve its members, not the reverse.  Unfortunately, when you get into power and surround yourself with paid yes-men, you lose sight of that.  

Is this a radical step?  Yes.  Will this idea catch on?  I hope so.  Primaries are pointless if the system is gamed

P.S. For more background on what’s going on, see Colgate, Wagner split on GOP delegate ‘slating’, which explains how “two Republicans seeking a key state party post [were] clashing over an arcane electoral procedure that could let one candidate corner the market in advance of the actual contest.”

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